Training the Natural Ear

1. Taping the natural ear on a puppy.

Ears before taping

This procedure is not always necessary, but occasionally a pup will fly it's ears when it is teething, so this can be done as a precautionary measure.       It is particularly useful if you work full time or do not have the time to do the massage method.    (See next page)

In my experience I have found that a dog with the correct weight and texture of ear will usually have correct ears as an adult, but if a dog has a smaller ear with strong cartiledge the ears will persist in "flying" and taping or massage will not correct this permanently, but can be done as a temporary correction the night before a show.     Luckily this small ear is not seen as much today as it was in the 1960's, but if you are worried about a pup's ears this procedure is not painful and the electrical tape used does not pull out any hair when it is removed.

(Thanks go to Belinda Goyarts of Raevon Boxers for the instructions and adorable puppy)

Supplies needed Molding ear to crease

First cut 2 pieces of electrical tape about 6" long.
Shape the ear in the correct crease by folding it in half with
both the edges touching about 1" from the top fold.

Close-up of tape Trim off excess

Apply the tape securely and check to see if the ear remains
in the correct position (remove and start again, if the tape is too low)
Trim tape to 1" above fold.

That's all! Simple, eh!