The Legion of Merit title is awarded to either a dog that has produced 4 or more SOM's and/or DOM's, or to a bitch that has produced 3 or more SOM's and/or DOM's.

This award was first recognised at the ABC National Specialty Show in May of 1998.

Legion of Merit Dams to date
American Boxer Club Only:


Legion of Merit Sires to date
American Boxer Club Only:

    INT CH. Millan's Fashion Hint, SOM, LOM --- 12
  • CH. Bercrelen's Import, SOM
  • CH. Braemerwood Happy Tracks, SOM
  • CH. Ha-Mar Hint of Shady Lady, DOM
  • A/C/CH. Hansparke's Fashion Fair, DOM
  • C/CH.Jocolu's Charming Fashion, DOM
  • CH. Jojac's Magic Moment, DOM
  • CH. Merrilane's Holiday Fashion, SOM
  • Millan's Miss Palmyra, DOM
  • CH. Salgray's Jitterbug, DOM
  • CH. TuRo's Native Dancer, SOM --LOM (5)
  • INT CH. Scher-Khoun's Shadrack, SOM---LOM(9)
  • A/C/CH. Von Schorer's Moon Shadow, SOM--LOM (4)
    CH. Marquam Hill's Traper of Turo, SOM, LOM --- 12
  • CH. Araby's Black Watch, SOM
  • CH. Arriba's CherKei Fancy Free, DOM
  • CH. Arriba's Footloose, SOM
  • A/C/CH. Golden Haze Tuxedo, SOM
  • A/C/CH. Keil's Renaissance, DOM
  • A/C/CH. Mephisto's Black Sabbath, DOM
  • CH. TuRo’s Accolade, SOM
  • CH. TuRo's Empire, SOM
  • TuRo's Escappade, SOM
  • A/C/CH. Wagner Wilvirday Famous Amos, SOM--LOM(6)
  • A/C/CH. Draymia's Total Package, CD, SOM
  • Armaugh's Kashmir of Notelrac, DOM
    INT CH. Scher-Khouns's Shadracks, SOM, LOM --- 9
  • ICH. Aracrest’s Jered, SOM
  • A/C/CH. Aracrest’s Kaylib, SOM
  • CH. Arriba’s Zechin, DOM
  • C/CH. Donessle’s Miss Fancy, DOM
  • Indian Bend Maria, DOM
  • INT CH. Mephisto’s Soldier of Fortune, SOM
  • CH. Omega’s Rockfire, SOM
  • A/C/CH. Scher-Khoun’s Abednego, SOM--LOM(4)
  • INT CH. Scher-Khoun’s Meshack, SOM
    CH. Berena's Gemini Splashdown, SOM, LOM --- 9
  • Carbara's Sara Strike a Pose, DOM
  • Claremont’s Hickory, DOM
  • CH. Cynra’s Chanel, DOM
  • Howcurt’s Autumn Jubliee, DOM
  • CH. Kreyon’s Easy Money, SOM
  • CH. Telestar’s Good Time Charlie, SOM
  • CH. Telestar’s Moon Pebbles, DOM
  • C/CH. Tradonalee’s Classic Sensation, SOM
  • CH. High River's On Fire, SOM
    INT CH. Dorian v Marienhof of Mazelaine, SOM, LOM --- 8
  • CH. Archduke of Valcar, SOM
  • CH. Duke Cronian, SOM
  • CH. Endymion of Mazelaine, SOM
  • Heigh Ho Bramble, DOM
  • CH. Mahderf’s El Chico, SOM
  • CH. Nemesis of Mazelaine, DOM
  • CH. Nocturne of Mazelaine, DOM
  • CH. Symphony of Mazelaine, DOM
    CH. Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, SOM, LOM ---7
  • A/C/CH. Barrage of Quality Hill, SOM, LOM(7)
  • A/M/CH. Helixview Noble Knight, SOM
  • CH. Jered’s Sovereign, SOM
  • Jered’s Sky Siren, DOM
  • CH. Lewgin Lane’s Whizz Bang, SOM
  • CH. Marquam Hill’s Commache, SOM
  • CH. Marwal’s Satisfactual, DOM
    CH. Barrage of Quality Hill, SOM, LOM --- 7
  • CH. Cajon’s Calling Card, SOM
  • Carlwen’s Juliet von Barrage, DOM
  • ICH. Eldic’s Darius, SOM
  • A/C/CH. Marquam Hill’s Flamingo, DOM
  • Nagerroc’s’s Boom Boom, DOM
  • A/C/CH. Salgray’s Battle Chief, SOM
  • C/CH. Salgray’s Roulette, DOM
    CH. Salgray's Ambush, SOM, LOM --- 7
  • CH. Arriba’s Knight Review, SOM
  • CH. Dormac’s Gunslinger, SOM
  • CH. Moreleen’s Al-le-lu-ia, SOM, LOM (4)
  • CH. Salgray’s Good Grief, SOM
  • CH. Salgray’s Market Wise, SOM, LOM (6)
  • CH. Salgray’s Royal Flush, SOM
  • CH. Sajac’s Royal Savage, SOM
    A/C/CH. Golden Haze Tuxedo, SOM, LOM --- 7
  • Ch. Cherkei’s High Cotton, SOM
  • Fowler’s Sweet Surrender of Josha, DOM
  • CH. Huffand’s Obsession of Arriba, DOM
  • A/C/CH. Josha’s Linebacker, CD, CGC, SOM
  • CH. Scarborough Living Proof, DOM
  • Eedee-K's Moxie Lady, DOM
  • A/C/CH. Syrr Run's Gold Card, DOM
    CH. Salgray's Market Wise, SOM, LOM --- 6
  • CH. Keil’s Dynasty, SOM--LOM (4)
  • CH. Keil’s High Society, DOM
  • Keil’s Katrina, DOM
  • CH. Milray’s Winsome of Will-Ve’s, SOM
  • CH. Salgray’s K O Aracrest, SOM
    A/C/CH. Wagner's Wilvirday Famous Amos, SOM, LOM --- 6
  • CH. Berena’s Gemini Splashdown, SOM, LOM (8)
  • CH. Berena’s Tribute to Fa-Fa, SOM
  • CH. Jopa’s Twilight Romance, DOM
  • Moss Wood’s Frosty Morn, DOM
  • CH. Shieldmont’s Issues and Answers, SOM
  • CH. Tall Oaks Desert Dazzler, SOM
    A/C/CH. Fiero's Tally-Ho Tailo, SOM, LOM --- 6
  • CH. Breezewoods Diamonds R Forever, DOM
  • CH. Hi-Tech's Arbritage, SOM
  • CH. Hi-Tech's Current Event, SOM
  • CH. Mistyvalley Curtain Call, SOM
  • A/C CH. Pinepaths Night Watch, SOM
  • CH. Debut's Desperado CD SOM
    CH. Bridgwood's B.K.Kahuna, SOM, LOM --- 6
  • CH.Bayview Strides Ahead, SOM
  • CH.Rosend's Corporate Raider, SOM
  • CH.Jem's Pearl Jam, SOM
  • CH.Rosend's Bo Diddley, SOM
  • CH.Rosend's Uptown Girl, DOM
  • CH.Berlane's Causin An Uproar, SOM CD
    CH. Benjoman of Five T's, SOM, LOM --- 5
  • CH. Huffand’s Irish Rebel, SOM
  • CH. TuRo’s Tigger of Five T’s, DOM
  • TuRo's Touche, DOM
  • CH. TuRo’s Whisper of Five T’s, DOM
  • Wesan’s Faith Alone, DOM
    CH. My-R's Haybinder of Holly Lane, SOM, LOM --- 5
  • CH. Carlon’s Classy Chasis, DOM
  • Carlwen’s Joie De Vivre, DOM
  • Ebony Image of Ellen’s Alley, DOM
  • CH. Holly Lane’s Inherit the Wind, SOM
  • Holly Lane’s Taskaloosa, DOM
    CH. Turo's Native Dancer, SOM, LOM --- 5
  • CH. Bropat’s Fandancer, DOM
  • CH. Tolfan’s Total Eclipse, SOM
  • CH. TuRo’s Angel of Fire of DJ, DOM
  • TuRo’s Katrina of Cross Bar, DOM
  • CH. TuRo’s Truffian, DOM
    CH. Huffand's Nice Enough, SOM, LOM --- 4
  • CH. Scarborough Norman Knight, SOM
  • CH. Sergi’s Classic Design, DOM
  • Sergi’s N BJ’s Original Design, DOM
  • Tallassees Enough’s Enough, DOM
    CH. Keil's Dynasty, SOM, LOM --- 4
  • A/C/CH. Keil’s Vision, SOM
  • CH. Virgo’s Destiny, DOM
  • I/CH. Wood’s End Crown Sable, SOM
  • A/C/CH. Wood’s End Million Heir, SOM
    INT CH. Marburl's Joshua, SOM, LOM --- 4
  • CH. Har-Vel’s Gold Express, SOM
  • CH. Har-Vel’s Josh’s Gold, SOM
  • CH. Kricket’s Jonathan, SOM
  • CH. Rochil’s Kallista of Marburl, DOM
    A/C/CH Mephisto's Vendetta, SOM, LOM --- 4
  • A/C/CH. Doggone Ounce of Gold, SOM
  • A/C. Marquam Hill’s Traper of TuRo, SOM--LOM(10)
  • A/C/CH. Marquam Hill’s Trigger of TuRo, SOM
  • A/CH. Telestar Starmaker, SOM
    CH. Merrilane's April Fashion, SOM, LOM --- 4
  • CH. Huffand’s Nice Enough, SOM--LOM (4)
  • CH. Jacquet’s Brass Idol, SOM
  • CH. Jacquet’s Gold Field Rubi Doux, DOM
  • C/CH. Manor Hill’s Lady Ann, CD, DOM
    CH. Salgray's Ovation, SOM, LOM--- 4
  • CH. Carlwen’s Sean of Erin, SOM
  • Dormac’s Risque, DOM
  • Salgray’s Autumn Years, DOM
  • CH. Salgray’s Bojangles, SOM
    CH. HiTech's Arbitrage, SOM, LOM --- 4
  • CH. Hi-Tech's Aristrocrat, SOM
  • CH.Hi-Tec's Alladyn of Cynra, SOM
  • CH.Hi-Tech's Aurora of Cynra, DOM
  • CH.Boxerton Crown Imperial, DOM

A = American Champion
B = Bermudan Champion
C = Canadian Champion
M = Mexican Champion
INT CH = International Champion (A Champion in three or more countries)