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Secretaries Please Note

Please feel free to copy any of the information provided on this page if needed for catalogue.

Dogs have been my passion since I was a small child. My family was never without a dog... usually a stray that I had adopted.

I first started showing dogs at 17. After marriage and 3 children, I returned to the dog world to show a Boxer, the breed I still show to this present day.

I began judging in 1974, was licenced for my first group in 1976 and became All Breeds in 1998. I am fully licensed to judge All Breeds around the world.

I have judged extensively in all States of Australia and internationally in the USA, Canada, India, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, South Africa and the Philippines.

I have owned and shown Dachshunds, Airedales, Poodles, and German Shepherd Dogs over the years, but my first love has always belonged to the Boxer Breed, which I have bred since 1965. My world famous Intrends Kennels has bred over 30 Boxer champions with seven winning Best in Show All Breeds.
One of the biggest thrills I still get is seeing one of the dogs I have bred go on to win a prestigious award!

I have served on many dog show committees and have held the offices of secretary of the Boxer Association of Victoria, and Treasurer of the Utility and Non-Sporting Dog Club of Victoria. I am a foundation member and current committee member of Metropolitan Canine Association and committee member of Epsom Canine Club.

I am on the Judges Committee of the Victorian Canine Association and am currently the Terrier Group Co-ordinator of the Judges Training Scheme.

In my spare time I am writing a book on Dog Breeding.

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